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Sahle-Work Zewde

Sahle-Work Zewde is the President of the Federal democratic Republic of Ethiopia since October 2018. Sahle-Work replaced the former President Mulatu Teshome becoming the first woman to hold the office. Prior to becoming president, Sahle-Work Zewde was appointed by António

Ristu Yirdaw

Ristu Yirdaw is the President of Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region since October 2021. He held the position of the chief executive of the Region with a rank of Deputy President after replacing the former governor, Million Mathios, in

Tigabu Yilma

Tigabu Yilma is the Head of Defense Health Main Department of the Ethiopian National Defense Force Tigabu Yilma was the Force Commander of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) from Oct. 2019-August 2020.

Kenea Yadeta

Kenea Yadeta is the Head of Addis Ababa City Peace and Security Administration Bureau since September 2021. Kenea has LLB and LLM from Addis Ababa University. Prior to his current position, he was the Minister of Defense from August 2020-September

Col. Abebe Wakshuma

Abebe Wakshuma is the Commander of Maj. General Mulugeta Buli Polytechnic College of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF). 

Commodore Walatsa Wacha

Walatsa Wacha is the commander of the Naval Force of the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) since November 2021. Prior to his current position, Walatsa was the vice commander of the Naval Force Logistics.  In November 2018, the Ethiopian Government

Umod Ujulu

Umod Ujulu is the President of Gambella Region since November 2018.  He was re-appointed as president in September 2022 by the State Council of the region. Umod was the Commissioner of Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission of Gambella Region before appointed

Kejela Merdasa Tulu

Kejela Merdasa is the Minister of Culture and Sports since October 2021. He has a BA in History from Addis Ababa University.  Kejela Merdassa was the Vice Chairman and the spokesperson the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). Following a controversial dispute

Temesgen Tiruneh

Prior to his current position, Temesgen was the President of the Amhara Regional State from July 2019- November 2020. He has also been the National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister. Temesgen has also briefly served as the head of

Alemayehu Timotios

Position: Alemayehu Timotios is the Head of Sidama Regional State Peace and Security Bureau. Education N/A Alma Mater N/A Any other relevant detail: