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Editorial Policy

Brief Methodological Approach to Fact Checking Claims

  • MFC collects information from various sources for fact-checking but does not evaluate opinions, only factual claims. The editorial team decides on the verification process, and fact-checkers reach out to original sources and use various tools for verification.


Source Attribution

  • MFC attributes sources and references to support claims and conclusions. In cases where sources’ security is a concern, their identity may be kept anonymous.


Objectivity and Fairness

  • MFC’s work aspires to ensure reports are balanced and fact-based, avoiding biases.


Principle of ‘Do No Harm’

  • MFC’s ethical guidelines include avoiding ad hominem attacks, respecting copyright and privacy.


Transparency and Non-Partisanship

  • MFC discloses its funding sources and ensures there’s no conflict of interest in its activities. It’s also committed to ensuring transparency and non-partisanship in its activities.


Rating Claims

  • Claims are rated as “Fact,” “False,” “Misleading,” or “Unproven” based on their accuracy.


Corrections Policy

  • MFC commits to prompt and transparent error correction, allowing the audience to report errors/mistakes. Corrections, updates, or retractions will be distinctly labeled, explaining the changes made. A feedback system is put in place for continuous improvement and quality assurance. MFC encourages readers to report errors, provide feedback or send complaints to [email protected]