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Kejela Merdasa Tulu

Ethiopia, Minister of Culture and Sports
Ministry of Culture and Sport


Kejela Merdasa is the Minister of Culture and Sports since October 2021.

He has a BA in History from Addis Ababa University. 

Kejela Merdassa was the Vice Chairman and the spokesperson the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). Following a controversial dispute within the OLF, he left the party with two other fellow members. The faction led by him then claimed to have dismissed the longtime chairman of the OLF, Dawud Ibsa, and took control of the organization. Kejela claims to be the chairman of OLF. The OLF led by Dawud Ibsa disputes this claim. The Ethiopian National Election Board responsible for the registration and certification of political parties in the country recognizes the OLF led Dawud Ibsa.  

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