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We are seeking two highly skilled and experienced Factcheckers to join our dynamic team at MULTIFACTCHECK INC. The Factcheckers will

Does Twitter handle @tiborpnagyjr belong to former United States Ambassador Tibor P. Nagy, Jr.? MFC reached out to the former

By MFC Staff Two authors, Tom Cooper and Adrien Fontanellaz, claimed in their 2018 published book that Addis Ababa was

Ethiopia State Media Claim: “A total of 168 civilians were killed, and of these claimed victims, a mass grave of

Claim: Individuals pictured for the purpose of raising funds on GoFundMe were executed because of their religion. MFC’s Verdict: The

By MFC Staff The purpose of human and political rights advocates is to receive information and share it to their

By MFC Staff  January 10, 2022 FACT-CHECKED CLAIMS:  MFC’s VERDICT:  Both Claims are ENTIRELY FALSE. Oromo Liberation Army has neither

By MFC Staff It is a cliché that politicians maximize lies over facts aimed at grabbing public attention by using

By MFC Staff On July 21, Ethiopia’s high-ranking official, Taye Dendea Aredo, took to social media to publicly question if



(MFC) is an independent fact-checking organization which is launched to pin-point, track-down, scrutinize, investigate, interrogate, publish and distribute the factual accuracy of claims made by public figures. MFC’s project has geographical priorities. Our work mainly focuses on nations in the Horn of Africa and their diaspora community who reside abroad. We operates from various regions of Africa, Europe and North America. Through a multitude of professional proficiency, MFC deploys best practices of journalism, scholarship and expertise in order to flag, investigate and publish a fact.

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